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Full EFX Auto Techniques

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You probably wouldn’t expect, a then 33 year old shop owner from Snellville, Georgia, to build a vehicle and take a serious attempt at influencing a manufacturer with his design, especially when that manufacturer happens to be Mercedes-Benz. But that is precisely what Clifton Downie did. Clif wanted to show the world and Mercedes what a big bodied Benz pickup truck should look like. The “Benzo with a Bed” began its life as a stock 2001, F-150 Super-cab and was ready for its debut in 5 short months. The truck is truly something to behold, and seeing it is the only way to truly appreciate what the team at Full EFX was able to accomplish.

Clif Downie has been a custom automotive designer for the last 20 years. His shop, Full EFX, located just east of Atlanta, Georgia, prides itself on its capabilities, with a motto that says it all, “The only limitation is your imagination”. This simply means that if you can imagine it, Full EFX can build it. Full EFX does all standard customizing, to include paint, and bodywork, but their skills are most apparent when it comes to creating and transforming vehicles into something so unique that its origins may no longer be recognizable.

Full EFX prides itself on attention to detail, with a one on one approach to every project. The client’s gets the opportunity to be apart of the design process, and at times gets hands on experience so that they understand what goes into building or restoring a dream. This practical approach lets the clients see that there is no short cut being taken and lets them be a part of all the decisions in regards to the final out come of their project. This builds the confidence of the client in the shop and allows then to have step by step knowledge of their project for a car show or any event they may enter, and not to mention the pride in knowing that they were a part of the build.

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